Monday, April 4, 2016

Building Greenhouses in Greener way

Greenhouses are easy to build. Bamboos often referred to as poor men’s timber and few meters of polyethene plastics are the only requirements. You have to erect bamboos on the edges of the selected plot where your greenhouse will be installed. You can add few more bamboos in the middle to make the skeletal structure more strong.

Now, you have to cut the bamboos in such a way that it is kept long and easy to bend. Place few (depending on the size of the greenhouse) these crafted bamboos over the skeletal structure which will support the polythene plastics. Once the aforementioned structure is ready which typically will take just around 4-5 hours, place the polythene plastic over the structure. That’s it; your greenhouse for use.

When bamboos are used to constructed greenhouses, I say it as a sustainable approach to agriculture. There is no use of metallic pipes which may be costing huge but bamboos are cheap and sometimes you can find it for free in the wild. Metallic pipes may rust which may be sometimes dangerous for your health. Bamboos are strong too, it will last at least for ten years and then it can be replaced.

This is how you will contribute to your environment while making lots of savings. Other benefits of having a greenhouse include growing your own vegetable all around the year reducing your exposure to GMOs or other vegetables that are grown with the help of chemicals. 

If you have bamboos around you, it's not just greenhouses you can make out of it. There are a lot of environment-friendly products like baskets, kitchen items, hats, and so forth that can be made out of Bamboos. Make use of poor men's timber to make yourself rich.

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