Friday, April 1, 2016

3 Basic Green Habits that you can simply put in practice

Let us Eat Green
Eating greeneries like spinach, cabbage, and other vegetables like peas, beans, etc. will provide all the essential micronutrient and protein requirement to your body. These vegetables will also act as roughage for your proper functioning of digestive systems and provide fibres to your body. These vegetables are also low in fat content and help proper functioning of your cardiovascular systems preventing us from hypertension and stroke.

Moreover, it has been proved that vegetables like sags and carrots improve your vision as they contain enzymes like lutein and zeaxanthin that absorb harmful radiations like UV and blue lights  hence helping protect our eyes. These vegetables contain carotenoids which act as an antioxidant and have strong cancer-fighting properties.

Peas, beans, and other pulses contain proteins. Normally, people resort to meat to derive their body’s protein requirements and eating meat cannot be considered as a green habit. These leguminous plants are also said to improve the soil fertility thus giving enough reason to practice crop rotation if you are into farming business.

Let us Read Green
Follow my blog to read something green and practice some of the green habits that I will be consolidating for your easy convenience. And if you are enthusiastic and keen in reading more about the environment, green and sustainability, you may follow HUFFPOST GREEN,, Grist, RealClimate, Treehugger, Freecycle among others.

Green Sleeping
Always go to your bed early and put off all the lights before you fall asleep. There are certain things you should avoid closer to your bedtime: alcohol – at initial points alcohol makes you fast at sleep, however, with time it hinders to keep you asleep and unfortunately, you have to stay awake for longer duration; meat and cheese- these foods also triggers some hormones in our body system that keeps us awake for long; and caffeine – our body take huge amount of time to digest caffeine and it blocks production of sleep-inducing hormone.

Early to bed and early to rise makes men physically and mentally fit. Remember to wake early and take a shower. This helps to keep you active throughout the day. Moreover, you will have enough time to enjoy the fresh early morning air and rising sun making it a fun way to start your day.

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