Thursday, March 17, 2016

What Makes a Great Content for Blogging for AdSense?

I still wonder what makes a great blog content to get it approved by AdSense. I was wondering my blogging site to modify everything and write something for the last two year and still I am rejected by AdSense team. I know I am not an expert technologist to learn thing at one go but I was trying to get thing in my head for the last two year and yet I failed.

I know my writing skills are not that good but I am writing consistently to improve on a regular basis yet Adsense finds my content inadequate. However, I am trying to be consistent on the blogging site these days and hoping to get my Adsense account approved. I have learned quit a lot through online tutorials but I think I will need the help of a person who regularly uses Adsense.

I would like to seek the wisdom of your expertise and experience in getting my Adsense account approved. I tried writing for iwriter as well but my account was recently suspended for receiving poor ratings. Everything seems at stake for me.

Thank you.

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