Friday, March 25, 2016

Waste in Bhutan

Bhutan is relatively clean as compared to some of the neighboring countries, yet Bhutan is fighting hard to manage its waste. Thimphu city alone generates more than 65 tonnes of wastes daily. More so, city peripherals are challenged of rampant waste mounting. This is contributed due attitude and behavioral aspects of the people residing in the city. People take it for granted when government is spending millions of Ngultrum for waste management every year. Therefore, it is high time for our people to think and take things more seriously.

Random Dumping of Waste near the stream

There are few young entrepreneurs venturing into waste management business in Bhutan like Greener Way, who has been doing well. However, there is need for awareness on waste management and business opportunities in waste management. This can help interested unemployed youths to venture into the business which will contribute towards sustainable environments.

We have institutions and legislation in place to foster proper management of waste. Still we see lots of waste lying around our surroundings and nobody cares. Waste management begins at individual or household level. If one is responsible for the wastes he or she produces, there is no doubt we can have clean environment. Every day we see papers, cans and rubbishes thrown along the foot paths or nearby places despite having designated places with proper segregation dustbins in place.

Stream drying up due to over exploitation

While many are talking about preservation of environment and its importance, there are just couple of people taking the responsibility of managing wastes. It is important that we appreciate their efforts and cooperate with them if we are not in a position to manage our own wastes. We should learn to acknowledge and be thankful for the efforts few people are bringing in for the better cause of all.

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