Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Maintain a Small Garden for variety of reasons.

Maintaining Vegetable Garden, Flower Gardens and plantation in and around your space should be your normal practice making yourself a horticulturist or a floriculturist. By doing so you are promoting the culture of going green and inculcating a green habit within you. This is a best way of spending your leisure time and making some savings from your garden.

Beautiful Blooming Orchid
Orchid Flower in the Front Entrance of a House
Growing vegetables like chilies and other green vegetables in your empty space is a potential saving approach, perhaps a good source of income if you have enough space for gardening rather than keeping it ideal with wastes and bushes making if unsafe environment to live in. spending your leisure time in garden is also a greatest way of refreshing your mind and keeping yourself fit both mentally and physically.  During favorable season growing your own vegetables in your small garden can relief yourself from unnecessary debts at times and can make quite a good amount of savings too. More so, you can enjoy your own organically grown products as products in the market sometime contains high doses of chemicals as they were grown with a profit motive. Growing vegetables for your self is sometimes assuring yourself a good and safe food.

Maintaining flower gardens are hobbies for many and it makes the environment extremely beautiful. Having your own beautiful flower gardens is a way of creating your own space for recreation and learning. Most cities and towns have very limited space for recreation and learning for your children. Besides keeping yourself engaged for a better cause, your children will also learn from your doings and the environment you create for them. Visiting parks and recreational gardens can tax your pocket and having it at your door step is no wonder a great reason for you to relax and refresh.

Flower Garden at My Place

“Think globally and act locally”. When you have enough time and resources to invest on your cars and luxury items, you should think and have plans to invest in making the place you live safe and sustainable. If you are driving a expensive SUV in a highly polluted city it may not be the desirable way of life or living style. May be walking around a beautiful garden filled with beautiful flowers, lawn and trees is the most desirable sort of environment everyone is subconsciously looking for as most are seen complaining of polluted air, polluted water and dirty environment although they are the contributors to that unpleasant environment.

Bamboo Plantation

“Charity begins at home”. Let us all try making our own surroundings clean and livable now onward. Let us go back, check and see how green and clean our courtyards and empty spaces around our houses or apartment are. If you have been practicing what I am suppose to be preaching for a reason, that is great and salute for your continuity. If you haven’t, let us sit back and think what makes your happier. If driving SUVs are not making you happier, I bet maintaining clean and green gardens around yourself will definitely make you a lot happier and bring peace in your mind. Just give a try and see how you feel. Most people even fail to try for which I suggest at least give a try even it is a failure. 

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