Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Incentivizing Waste Management

Providing certain incentives to the players involved can really reduce the amount of waste going in to the landfill. Some of the classic examples in Bhutan are:

1.      Waste collection competition in Schools of Bhutan
Most of the schools in Bhutan organised waste collection competition among the classes and I find it very amazing idea towards reducing and recycling wastes. Every day, students collect pet bottles and other recyclable wastes and drop to their schools. On an appropriate day, school administration evaluates which class has collected the most and declares top three collectors and awards cash prizes.

Students are involved in some green action while schools are also selling theses recyclable wastes and earning some budget for the school. This approach has created lot of awareness among students themselves and their parents as well. Parents are seen collecting pet bottles for their children and storing it in a safe place. This has ensured reduced amount of recyclable wastes in our surrounding.

2.      B-Mobile Voucher card collection rewards
B-Mobile is one of the most used cellular networks in Bhutan provided by Bhutan Telecom. The B-Mobile voucher cards are quite large in size compared to other international recharge cards. It is actually four times larger than Indian recharge cards and when these cards are carelessly disposed, it really messes our environment. At one point of time, these cards where everywhere from streets to foot paths unattended.
Two year back it was announced that for every 100 used cards, Bhutan Telecom will give away on recharge card worth Nu. 50. Since then people started collecting unattended used cards while some saved the cards they used which were later submitted to Bhutan Telecom in exchange of free recharge cards.
Since then it is very rare to find even torn recharge cards in the street. These cards have become a kind of treasure for many and they are eagerly waiting for the next announcement I suppose.

Personally, I found these techniques very effective in reducing especially solid wastes which can be recycled and reused.

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