Monday, March 28, 2016

Bio-Gas; An Invention Made to Sustain the World!

Getting a Bio-gas installed brings a feeling of empowerment to a farmer. When Bio-gas program was first initiated in Bhutan, many farmers were showing reluctant in perusing the game as they were suppose to bear the 40 per cent of the cost though it came as a government grant program. However, now many Bhutanese farmers proudly cook stuffs on a bio-gas and many of them feels empowered. Their cooking environment has changed from smoky to clean kitchen. Farmers need not have to worry about firewood anymore. More so, as many Bhutanese household heads are women, their daily life style has changed a lot.

A churned mixture of dung and water (in a structure called churner) is filled in a cubical pit dug with certain specific engineering requirements (digester) which is being connected with the stove in the kitchen basically forms the structural component of the bio-gas. The chemistry involves rotting of dung with the help of micro-organisms. It is said that theses micro-organisms undergo anaerobic respiration in absence of oxygen and produces a foul smelling gas called methane. This gas is finally captured for cooking and lighting purposes.

A Complete Set of Bio-Gas Digester Plant

This technique is viewed as an innovative action towards resilience climate change. It does not involve burning of fuel wood thus avoiding carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other green house gasses. I personally find this technology very useful and it is a way of our contribution to the world towards realizing green economy if one could install.

Except for the initial investment there is not much of cost involved. It saves your time besides keeping your kitchen or room free of smoke thus making yourselves less susceptible to diseases. When you have a option to lead a clean life and making impacts to the global concerns through your small contributions, it is worth investing and creating a feeling of joy within you.

Cooking on Bio-gas

Nothing goes as waste. The by-product generated through this technology, generally referred to as slurry is a best bio-fertilizer. You can either use in your garden or dry it and sell it in the market. Bio-fertilizers are gaining momentum in the market as many are concerned of their health and trying to go organic or limit the use of chemicals.

Reduce the impact on natural resources like forest if you can’t afford to plant trees. One of the best ways of gripping dual benefit and reducing your pressure on natural resources is through adopting of bio-gas technology. It does not consume too much of your time as the gas normally becomes operational within three months.

Bio-gas construction

Forest is thinning, water is drying and snow caps are rarely visible. These are due to rapid human exploitation. Everything seems very unsustainable and I guess time has come for us to think of innovative actions and saving the environment. One such simple innovation is bio-gas and I urge everyone support farmers in Bhutan who are genuinely interested in pursuing this technology in the interest of greater cause.  

While writing for a blog I also want to create awareness on responsible living and sustainable future through our innovative actions. More so I want to request readers willing to support farmers in Bhutan in perusing their bio-gas dreams can support either through Department of Livestock or directly contacting the farmers. If interested, leave a comment and I will help introduce to the farmers too.

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