Thursday, March 31, 2016


There are thousands of lighting appliances or systems in the market but one should be SMART enough in choosing the best lighting system that helps personal economy, which consumes less energy and is environment friendly. Following three lighting systems are my THREE SMART systems and you can do more research for your smart systems or simply follow the suit if these systems convince you:

1.      LED  Light Bulbs
LED bulbs are bit expensive but are relatively cheaper when compared with the life span of Compact Florescent Lights and other incandescent bulbs. CFLs contain mercury and pollute the home electromagnetically. One LED bulb is equivalent to five or more CFL bulbs and 13 or more incandescent bulbs. Moreover, LED bulbs consume less energy and are a solution to energy efficient lighting.  

LED Bulb

2.      Daylight Harvesting
This technology uses ceiling or wall to capture daylight. Typically, using transparent or translucent ceiling or wall material can help capture daylight thus reducing the use of electricity. There are more complicated approaches or techniques involved in daylight harvesting like control switch and automatic systems which can be implemented to illuminate our homes based on the required illumination.

3.      Solar Candles or Solar Lantern
Solar candles use photocells or solar panels to derive energy and store in the batteries which in turn lights LED bulbs. This is a best replacement for ordinary candles or kerosene lamps. Solar candles are pro health lighting system while usage of ordinary candles or kerosene lamps poses risk to our lungs through poisonous emissions.

Solar Candle/Lamp

While these are the best lighting systems in terms of individual health and environment, I personally find it very practical and recommend all readers to give a thought of doing something GREEN through simple ways like switching to environment friendly lighting system for the sustainability of our environment. We are bound to exit the EARTH one day but generations will follow, let us safe our environment. Let us commit to reduce pollution and reuse particulars that are reusable. Over exploitation is directly proportional to our own extinction. Thinking green, acting green, eating green, greening homes and cities and so forth are some of the few strategies to avoid our disappearance so, let us all GO GREEN.

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